Securing Legacies: The Role of QR Code Authentication

08 Jul 2024

Correct Will Law

 As a legal professional, you understand the critical importance of document security and verification in legacy planning. Traditional methods can be cumbersome and prone to fraud, but modern technology offers innovative solutions to these challenges. One such solution is QR code authentication - a powerful tool that simplifies and secures the verification process. Correct Will integrates this technology, secured by blockchain, to enhance the security and convenience of estate planning for your clients.


How QR Codes Work in Verifying Documents

QR codes (Quick Response codes) are advanced barcodes capable of storing extensive information. When scanned with a smartphone or QR code reader, these codes provide instant access to the embedded data or a specific URL.

For document verification, QR codes link directly to blockchain-verified versions of documents. This ensures that anyone scanning the QR code can immediately access the original, authenticated document, making the verification process both quick and reliable.

Ease of Use

QR codes are incredibly user-friendly, requiring only a smartphone camera for scanning. This eliminates the need for specialized equipment or extensive technical knowledge.

Instant Verification

Scanning a QR code provides immediate verification of document authenticity, which is crucial for time-sensitive legal matters.


QR codes can be printed on physical documents or embedded in digital files, allowing seamless integration into various document formats.


Integrating QR Code Technology and Blockchain Security

Correct Will enhances your estate planning services by incorporating QR code authentication and leveraging blockchain technology, providing a secure and efficient solution for managing your clients' important documents.


1. Each QR code generated by Correct Will links to a document secured on the blockchain. Once a document is uploaded and verified on the blockchain, it is immutable. The QR code offers direct access to this authenticated document, ensuring its integrity.

2. Blockchain technology is what makes Correct Will unique. By storing documents on a decentralized ledger, Correct Will ensures that each document is tamper-proof and permanently recorded, providing an unparalleled level of security.

3. Correct Will's interface allows for easy generation and management of QR codes for all estate planning documents. Whether verifying a will, trust, or any other crucial document, a simple scan of the QR code provides instant access to the authenticated version.

4. With QR codes, authenticated documents are accessible from anywhere, at any time. This feature is particularly valuable for legal professionals who need to share documents with clients, colleagues, or other stakeholders efficiently.


QR code authentication, secured by blockchain, is a game-changer for legacy planning. Correct Will’s integration of these technologies ensures that your clients' documents are not only secure but also easily accessible and verifiable. Embrace this advanced solution to enhance your estate planning services, providing your clients with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their legacy is protected by the latest in digital security.