How can Correct Will assist with will verification and probate processes?

26 Apr 2024

Correct Will Law

Correct Will is all-in-one Will Management Software with which lawyers can easily manage, verify, and secure Will data without the chance of data loss or tampering. With Correct Will's easy-to-use user interface, lawyers can now manage and follow instructions of Testators promptly and effectively. 

Correct Will utilises blockchain technology, which is patented in over 90 countries globally, to store and verify the authenticity of Will data. This ensures that any verifications that need to be done by trustees, beneficiaries, and judges to execute the creator’s instructors, can be completed successfully in no time at all.

All family members, beneficiaries, and trustees are kept in the same loop with Correct Will. They are kept up to date on all data changes because the most recent version of the Will is always available. This saves time, makes people more efficient and productive, and prevents data loss or tampering.  

Furthermore, the Correct Will Solution uses a highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution to keep data safe at all times. To explore and utilise all the features and benefits of Correct Will, our users just need to log in to their accounts using their email addresses and passwords. Once logged in, lawyers have access to all the versions of the Will, including the latest version. This feature allows them to easily track all the data changes of any Will in real-time.