How does Correct Will work?

08 Jul 2024

Correct Will Law

By adopting the Correct Will solution in your Will management practice, you, as a lawyer, can utilise so many benefits to make all Will-related legal works easier, faster, and verifiable by the concerned people. 

Lawyers can utilise Correct Will to achieve the best of Will traceability and control. Not just that, here are some of the best offerings of Correct Will Management Software:

  • The blockchain records each step of the Will process. This incorruptible digital ledger ensures an exact and absolute chronology, giving each party complete trust in the document.

  • To keep data safe at all times, CorrectWill employs the highly secure Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution, thus making the original location always known and safe at all times.

  • Taking care of the legalities of a Will can be tricky, with Correct Will’s ability to track changes in instructions, you can illustrate the Will's "journey," identifying when and where changes occurred.

  • Correct Will provides secure, private, and transparent communication between stakeholders, increasing efficiency, reducing misunderstanding, and simplifying billing with a detailed breakdown.

  • With Correct Will’s easy QR code verification facility, security concerns such as data tampering and chances of other fraudulent activities are completely eliminated. 

Correct Will guarantees you untampered data, increased productivity, and faster execution of the Will creator's instructions without any unnecessary steps or delays - preventing any confusion between lawyers and concerned parties and making your practice more reputable.